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More than 25 years of outstanding project management related to resources and support Services in Poland.  We uphold superior value preposition and competitive advantage in the services industry.    

PDG maintains outstanding network with local suppliers enabling us to professionally manage the provision of: 

WORKFORCE Skilled and semi-skilled local and expat workforce.

HR SUPPORT All HR related matters in accordance with the local regulations.

DFAC Meals preparation, kitchens & dining hall operation, and stock control

FACILITIES Ongoing facility inspection and maintenance management

LODGING Fully furnished apartments, prefabs, and tents.

LAUNDRY Washing, ironing, and dry cleaning for bulk items. 

VEHICLES Leased sedans, SUVs, vans, buses, pickups, and trucks. 

SHUTTLE Bussing for company staff via multiple shifts. 

CONTAINERS Multipurpose containers of different sizes

EQUIPMENT Generators, tower lights, and others.

MHE Various equipment with different sizes 

RECREATION Leisure activities on and off the installation

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